It's been really nice doing small quick drawings that are not my characters, because it has allowed me to play with designs and other color palettes. They are also something I can produce in an hour or less which is nice for just having a wind down! God bless #drawthisinyourstyle and!

  • Not ponytails or cottontails....

    Not ponytails or cottontails....

    WOO-HOO! So excited about the new run of Ducktales. Not only are the redesigns and character improvements outstanding, but the story is well written, and the quips are perfect. They hare made wonderful references to the other Disney cartoons of the same generation, with cameos that make me so happy. 

    I was so juiced I offered to draw coworkers avatars if they wanted, and I got 3 bites! It was fun, and I loved utilizing halftones~!

  • Doodlecast and Discord Server


    I have a podcast now, kind of! Since I began my art based discord server, I have over 20 people involved, sharing work, and talking about things that they like, from art to music to creepy stuff. It's awesome. It's allowed me post lots of links and help people who do not have the experience that I do selling my own work. 

    If you are an artist and are interested in joining the server, feel free to reach out to me on Discord! Below is the join link, or if you would like to DM me first and ask about it, hit me up there.


    Doodle Dudes Discord Server Invite

  • I got hitched!

    I got hitched!

    Ok, I got married in like, October, but to be fair, it's been a busy batch of months. Ruth and I are taking the year off to get things in order and prepare to really push to create better stuff. I almost made it through inktober this year, in spite of wedding planning, and I'm working on actually coloring those pages so I can get them out into the world! I also started playing a Dungeons and Dragons campaign with all girls, and it has proven to be much better than when I tried with my husband and his friends. 

    Here are things I recommend for improving you artwork, since that's what I'm working on!

    100 Tuesday Tips by Griz and Norm (If you're too poor to buy the book, lots on Pinterest)

    Force; Dynamic Life Drawing ( 50 bucks, but ALOT of people at CTN recommended it as a textbook you never sell back.)

    4 Panel Ink challenge. Draw a comic in 4 little boxes without pre-gaming at all. It's great preparation for 24 Hour Comic Book day, and other similar challenges. 

    Post-it Correction. Rebecca Sugar, Lamar Abrams, and other artists use post-its on their ink doodles to correct something that looks funky, and it is an amazing fix, and totally works. It also allows you to just edit out the color when you scan it into photoshop. (Though, I probably will just get white post-its to make my life easier)

    Paragraph Story Challenge. Try to write a compelling little story in 5 sentences that you do could a short comic about. Similar to the two sentence creepypasta challenge. Example below.

    I begin tucking him into bed and he tells me, “Daddy check for monsters under my bed.” I look underneath for his amusement and see him, another him, under the bed, staring back at me quivering and whispering, “Daddy there’s somebody on my bed.”


    Que Horror pages 1-5 is up in the comic section!                    

  • Stickers!


    I'm having NICE vinyl stickers made in preparation for LAZF. I was really hoping to have a few more things together (Enamel Pins mostly) but I'm satisfied with what I will have. Zines I can be proud of, and some new stickers! Aren't they awesome!? Anyway, I'm going to have time after this show to make some pins. I'm excited for the opportunity, because I've never done it, and I never even considered making my own enamel pins!

    The Rottweiler will eventually be an awesome enamel pin, but for now, I'm satisfied with how the sticker turned out! My family has owned Rottweilers since my grandfather's first Rott, Hilde. My best friend growing up was Hiedi, and this one is inspired by my parents' little girl, Bee.

    That Sylveon one is just a big middle finger to Fanime. I was hoping to get in this year, but after two years of rejection, I'm done. I enjoy Anime, but it's not the path that my art is going. I do the occasional doodle because I love it, and I will always love Pokémon. Someone will love this adorable sticker, so I'm not worried. she would have made a cute pin too, but the market is hard if I stop doing Anime shows.

    If you like the stickers, I will be posting them on etsy after the show!

  • Digital, Digital get down~

    Digital, Digital get down~

    For those of you who aren't ancient grandmothers, I was quoting an N'SYNC song. I'm trying to make my switch to digital, and I got this comic started with Ru yesterday, then finished today. It's nice to have that sweet undo button. I will endeavor to do one every Sunday. Too much hilarity ensues to not immortalize in comic form. 

  • Dog commissions are open! (and cat...and pokemon)

    Dog commissions are open! (and cat...and pokemon)

    Dog portraits so far!


    if you’re interested, hit me up at

    I will do cats too! 

    Simple cel shaded portraits of your dog like the one above! Please send at least 2 reference photos so I can see your dog’s (or cat’s) coloring!

    Dog with pose I pick: $20

    Dog playing with favorite toy, $25

    Cat: $20

    I’m down to 15 slots, but I can be persuaded!

    I am also willing to do Pokemon, as I love pokemon. I’m not ashamed. It’s a real love. 

    Gotta make duckets for that wedding yo!

  • San Jose ZineCon!

    San Jose ZineCon!

    Ruth and I will be tabling at San Jose ZineCon this weekend! (Flyer made by Ivy Atoms) I admit I was a bit sceptical about doing this show, which is per usual when it's a show I haven't tabled, but I'm ok with it. I have some zines I still want to get through in lieu of more that are coming down the pike for me and Ru.  Not to mention a new print I'll be debuting at this show, which you can see progress shots for on my Instagram. Ruth will be finishing alot of her own projects she is working on to debut in the other shows we are going to be attending this year. So far,

    Rose City Comic Con in Portland

    SFSF (it is getting more competitive to get in, but they haven't kicked us out yet. registration usually happens in late spring early summer)

    Cake (Waitlisted for this Chicago show)

    LA Zinefest (Applied, fingers crossed.)

    If you want to take a peek at what Ruth will have, here you go

    If you want to take a look at what I have, here you go

    I've got a ton of awesome friends heading over there, so I am excited to see them.