• Getting back on the horse.

    Getting back on the horse.

    It's been a long time since I updated this blog so I wanted to take a moment and do so. I have been dealing with some pretty frustrating things in my personal life that had left with with an overall defeated feeling. I'm full of great ideas, and I want to get ready for the upcoming shows that matter to me, like Fanime in San Jose, but having this incredible art block is making it difficult.

    I do suffer from mild depression. I've never needed to take medication for it, but that doesn't mean it's any easier a journey. Like making the effort slim down after the holidays, it means taking that first step out the door. Every one after the first gets a little easier. It's hard to look at the good things in your life when you're overwhelmed by everything at once. 

    I'm going to make the effort in January to do Inkuary. Much like Inktober, but in January instead. it really was a great way for me to have the push to draw daily, and more importantly, FINISH drawings. I will be posting some of those inktobers soon, by the way, along with revamping this whole site! 

    When I feel like this, it's important to take stock of what's important. 

    February, I'm moving in with my Fiance. 

    I'm going on a two week trip to Europe in the Summer courtesy of my wonderful Aunt. 

    I'm a bridesmaid for the first time EVER.

    EEEEEEyup. It's time for this rootin' tootin' lady outlaw to hitch up her horse and ride into that sweet sunset towards tomorrow. One step at a time.