• Ringing in the new year, 8 months late.

    There has been A TON of stuff going. Truely, too much. I'm actually happy that it's over for a while, but what an incredible experience. Thanks to my Aunt, I got to go to Europe, something I honestly wouldn't have tried to do on my own.  France, England (when they exited the EU) and Ireland.

    Right before that my wonderful bestie, Ruth, took my ass to Hawaii for our birthdays, friendaversary of 16 years, and in celebration of her getting a job that is much better for her. I had an amazing time, and now I'm just trying to keep myself afloat as I take on my design gigs, try to take advantage of the new software I was kindly given by my wonderful roommate and friend, and go back to school. For REAL this time.

    I'm capable of so much more than I have been doing, and I know that I can get a job I deserve, but I have to make the effort to be a good student. That is my responsiblity, and I know that I can make it happen. 

    It's time to beef up my work and get a big girl job.