• Stickers!


    I'm having NICE vinyl stickers made in preparation for LAZF. I was really hoping to have a few more things together (Enamel Pins mostly) but I'm satisfied with what I will have. Zines I can be proud of, and some new stickers! Aren't they awesome!? Anyway, I'm going to have time after this show to make some pins. I'm excited for the opportunity, because I've never done it, and I never even considered making my own enamel pins!

    The Rottweiler will eventually be an awesome enamel pin, but for now, I'm satisfied with how the sticker turned out! My family has owned Rottweilers since my grandfather's first Rott, Hilde. My best friend growing up was Hiedi, and this one is inspired by my parents' little girl, Bee.

    That Sylveon one is just a big middle finger to Fanime. I was hoping to get in this year, but after two years of rejection, I'm done. I enjoy Anime, but it's not the path that my art is going. I do the occasional doodle because I love it, and I will always love Pokémon. Someone will love this adorable sticker, so I'm not worried. she would have made a cute pin too, but the market is hard if I stop doing Anime shows.

    If you like the stickers, I will be posting them on etsy after the show!