• I got hitched!

    I got hitched!

    Ok, I got married in like, October, but to be fair, it's been a busy batch of months. Ruth and I are taking the year off to get things in order and prepare to really push to create better stuff. I almost made it through inktober this year, in spite of wedding planning, and I'm working on actually coloring those pages so I can get them out into the world! I also started playing a Dungeons and Dragons campaign with all girls, and it has proven to be much better than when I tried with my husband and his friends. 

    Here are things I recommend for improving you artwork, since that's what I'm working on!

    100 Tuesday Tips by Griz and Norm (If you're too poor to buy the book, lots on Pinterest)

    Force; Dynamic Life Drawing ( 50 bucks, but ALOT of people at CTN recommended it as a textbook you never sell back.)

    4 Panel Ink challenge. Draw a comic in 4 little boxes without pre-gaming at all. It's great preparation for 24 Hour Comic Book day, and other similar challenges. 

    Post-it Correction. Rebecca Sugar, Lamar Abrams, and other artists use post-its on their ink doodles to correct something that looks funky, and it is an amazing fix, and totally works. It also allows you to just edit out the color when you scan it into photoshop. (Though, I probably will just get white post-its to make my life easier)

    Paragraph Story Challenge. Try to write a compelling little story in 5 sentences that you do could a short comic about. Similar to the two sentence creepypasta challenge. Example below.

    I begin tucking him into bed and he tells me, “Daddy check for monsters under my bed.” I look underneath for his amusement and see him, another him, under the bed, staring back at me quivering and whispering, “Daddy there’s somebody on my bed.”


    Que Horror pages 1-5 is up in the comic section!