• Come what may, I know the way.

    There will be hate and criticism for Disney's Moana, of that I have no doubt. There is definitely a fair amount of cultural pigeon-holing that makes up the film, but I will focus on the things that matter most to me in a Disney film. 

    1. The musical.

    2. The color of mood.

    3. The moments of wonder. 

    Hiring on a man who knows about writing a musical is fine. Hiring a man who understands that ethnicity is an important part of the music for a film is PRICELESS. Lin-Manuel Miranda was a strong choice, and his style of music, and understanding of syntax makes the soundtrack something extra special. I can only describe by the way that I feel it. For me to have a song fill my ears and get caught in my head is one thing, but when it travels down deep into my chest, that is how I know a song has done what it's supposed to. 

    The visual development of the movie was incredible. I just went to Hawaii with Ruth this year, and I swear I could feel the breeze, and smell the sea. I felt warm in the scenes with the sun, and cool as the night fell. When a discovery was made, the colors exploded, and my heart felt each blast. 

    The moments of wonder made me smile uncontrollably through my tears. As you get older, you experience life and death more severely, and for the moments that brought me sadness in this movie, there was plenty to raise me back up. Flawed characters learning to mend themselves. Characters who need help and have the humbleness to accept guidance and learn. It was everything I wanted in a movie without too much stupid humor or overwhelming mascot characters. 

    and the most important thing. Baby Moana. 

  • We are renegade crafters in our hearts...

    We are renegade crafters in our hearts...

    Renegade Craft Fair

    My best friend and I had a lovely time checking it out. Originally, we were going because her coworkers suggested and outing, dinner and a movie. Naturally, that turned into Ruth and I getting up when we felt like it, showering when we felt like it, and finally making our way to Fort Mason at our leisure. It was a wonderful show with lots of cool things, and I made sure the make links of the things that caught our eye. (yes we share a spirit eye. I hope you too will one day have a connection like we do. I have starred the places I really liked. 


    Has the palm necklace that I love.***

    Website under construction.

    Ruth got a few things from this guy. Studio is on Orcas Island.***

    Handmade custom watches.

    Amazing jewelry that ACTUALLY FIT ME. honeycomb gorgeous.***

    Pretty jewelry that is adjustable.

    Cool jewelry with a collection dedicated to donation towards women’s shelters. (boob ring. Very fetch.)***


    Pretty and simplistic designs.

    items are made of of concrete and other materials, not porcelain.

    Most memorable are the adorable little ghost peeps.***

    Pretty pottery we didn’t get.

    Historical figure cups. Good gift for feminist and POC pals perhaps.

    Ruth got her vase with the 3 black line pattern and the light Hexagon tealight as well.

    Ruth got her small black snowflake vase from here.


    Alternative clothing and leather footware. (Hillery Sproatt)

    Bags made in NYC. Courier specific.

    Wallets and other accessories

    Beautiful handmade Shibori textiles.*****************

    Wonderful lady that does 2 pupil sewing classes. Ruth and I will do this. Sounds amazing! I would love to get back into that.***

    Beautiful handmade pillows and cushions.***

    FUN story about this particular stall. I was wearing my "PARDON MY FRENCH" Sweater, and the women there commented on it, one of them, a very kind French woman. Since I had just been to France, I was excitedly babbling to her about how bread is not the same to me anymore. I asked her if she knew of any place in the Bay Area that even came close. She told me about Fournee Bakery in Berkeley, located at 2912 Domingo Avenue. She said it's the closest thing she has had to bread in France around here. I certainly hope it comes close. 

    And my favorite part of this story is that I proved that the iPhone is priced appropriately for the class of people that buy a new one every year. When I said the word "Boulangerie" into the microphone, that is exactly what I got. Not Boo Lingere, but the French word for bakery. Truly delightful.

    Wonderful cotton casserole and bread bag manufacturers. Featured in Sunset magazine. Amazing for the friend that is kind enough to bring you food.

    Wallets and bags and such.

    Gorgeous handwoven blankets. Maybe Daddy’s christmas present. ***

    Small bags, wallets and things all watercolored, then digitally printed on the fabric. The watercolor kit was the coolest thing.


    fun art!

    Table that was with Yard Sale Press. Had amazing scorpion and stag beetle pins.


    Awesome wooden goodies with classes available for you to learn how to make some things. Events coming up on the 10th and 15th of December.***

    Reclaimed wood home decor.


    Delicious preserves. Ruth has 2, one of them was free.***

    Gourmet salts.***

    Fine teas. Ruth got Strength for Chris, a potent ginger tea.***


    Pretty soap.

  • Ringing in the new year, 8 months late.

    There has been A TON of stuff going. Truely, too much. I'm actually happy that it's over for a while, but what an incredible experience. Thanks to my Aunt, I got to go to Europe, something I honestly wouldn't have tried to do on my own.  France, England (when they exited the EU) and Ireland.

    Right before that my wonderful bestie, Ruth, took my ass to Hawaii for our birthdays, friendaversary of 16 years, and in celebration of her getting a job that is much better for her. I had an amazing time, and now I'm just trying to keep myself afloat as I take on my design gigs, try to take advantage of the new software I was kindly given by my wonderful roommate and friend, and go back to school. For REAL this time.

    I'm capable of so much more than I have been doing, and I know that I can get a job I deserve, but I have to make the effort to be a good student. That is my responsiblity, and I know that I can make it happen. 

    It's time to beef up my work and get a big girl job.

  • Getting back on the horse.

    Getting back on the horse.

    It's been a long time since I updated this blog so I wanted to take a moment and do so. I have been dealing with some pretty frustrating things in my personal life that had left with with an overall defeated feeling. I'm full of great ideas, and I want to get ready for the upcoming shows that matter to me, like Fanime in San Jose, but having this incredible art block is making it difficult.

    I do suffer from mild depression. I've never needed to take medication for it, but that doesn't mean it's any easier a journey. Like making the effort slim down after the holidays, it means taking that first step out the door. Every one after the first gets a little easier. It's hard to look at the good things in your life when you're overwhelmed by everything at once. 

    I'm going to make the effort in January to do Inkuary. Much like Inktober, but in January instead. it really was a great way for me to have the push to draw daily, and more importantly, FINISH drawings. I will be posting some of those inktobers soon, by the way, along with revamping this whole site! 

    When I feel like this, it's important to take stock of what's important. 

    February, I'm moving in with my Fiance. 

    I'm going on a two week trip to Europe in the Summer courtesy of my wonderful Aunt. 

    I'm a bridesmaid for the first time EVER.

    EEEEEEyup. It's time for this rootin' tootin' lady outlaw to hitch up her horse and ride into that sweet sunset towards tomorrow. One step at a time.

  • Gotta roll with the punches!

    Gotta roll with the punches!

    As of last week, I have taken on the responsiblity of posting twice a week for, on Wednesday and Monday. Thanks to the new format I'm working it, it's not too horrible. I'm going to focus on doing comics about what interests me, and I can only hope that people enjoy it.

  • Zinefest 2014 Review

    Zinefest 2014 Review

    I post regularly on the Paperlinks Blog, so just hop on over to and you can read my articles every monday. Below is my article for this week, on our fun times at SF Zinefest! Enjoy!

    SFZINEFEST 2014!

    There was a layout change this year with Zinefest that I think really helped spectators to not miss half the show. With all the doors of the building open, much of the traffic left before even realizing there was more show to fest. The problem with that of course, is ventilation. Larger San Francisco buildings have a trend of skylights to allow light to raise the temperature inside. Since SF is usually 65 degrees give or take, this is wonderful. When it’s 80+ degrees outside, it’s a sauna.

    But enough complaining, let’s move on to what’s awesome! First of all, our flanks were great! Clay Eichner of Kami Comics was to our right and Annie Yu of Curbside Treasure to our left. Our friend Kara Frame and Erin Meadows of Coass Comics were also close by.

    The very excited part of Zinefest for me was Hellen Jo. I was losing my mind when I heard that she was coming, since I purchased Frontier at Mission Comics. (Of course I forgot it and didn’t get it signed because I’m a dumb moron.) I got a very awesome print from her, and like, 4 HUGE BUTTONS. I don’t know WHAT I will do with them, but I am a large percentage more awesome for having them.

    This is the part in my review where I go over everything that I got from people. It’s going to be a little more like a list, but whatever. It’s worth a read, or at the very least, a click to check out these artists!

    Maia Kobabe is a lovey human being that had a very familiar face, and I was completely out of my mind with wonder as to who she was. Then, like a ton of bricks it hit me. Schmendrick the Magician. This darling girl cosplayed as Schmendrick at Fanime back in May. I was very excited to see her, and even happier to get  her Sherlock pin for Kayla! Her comic is also available online at, so go read it! What an amazing fellow. I was trying to figure out where the business cards were, but all I saw were awesome tiny prints on matte board. LOW AND BEHOLD. They were the business cards! He was so excited at my excitement that he let me take 6 of them. I’m going to frame them as such! I love black mast for my awesome screen printed Moleskine journals, and was happy to see that they were back, and had new ones. I almost got the Elvira one, but settled for the awesome ship one. One for me, and one for Ruth, just like last year! They had an amazing Cat Woman shirt as well, which I regret not purchasing. This comic has a wicked concept. It’s about being able to inject yourself with creativity, like you would shoot heroin. Really wonderful style.

    Jen Oaks is one of my favorite illustrators locally. I got a bunch of neat stuff from her, including some rad van stickers, her new zine and volumes 1 and 2 of a comic anthology she participates in called Milk and Carrots!

    Elizabeth Beier is a friend of mine through our art circles, and is a really awesome lady pal!  I go a rad print/poem from her table, as well as a copy of her Bisexual Zine!

    Alyssa Nassner is the curator for the Spoonful Zine. She came all the way from Australia! Her zine is just beautiful. She collaborates with many other artists and brings a very clean and professional appeal to her work.

    The delightful Rachel Dukes was present for this Zinefest, and some of you may remember my mention of her in my interview article all about her sweet face. She didn’t fail with bringing more smiles, I’ll tell you that! I picked up Frankie Comics issue 2, and was as pleased as ever with the silly cat antics I’ve come to expect from her work.

    Nomi Kane is another veteran of the local art shows, and was kind enough to share her newest zines/comics with me. Goodbye Ruby SOHO was really amazing, and I recommend it to anyone. Can You Bernie Lean is also interesting because it’s not just local, but educational, like a lot of Nomi’s work tends to be. I learned a lot about Diabetes from the zine that she did explaining the disease.

    Teddy Hose was next to Jen Oaks when I was discussing Art School and that I wasn’t made of money. He handed me this zine, which actually should have been labeled NC-17 because of how terrifying it was. It goes into details about his experience with student loans over art school, and it’s a wonderful and honest piece. These lovely ladies were right across from us, and also chatted with us on Saturday morning in line to get into Zinefest. They did an adorable table, with cut out letters taped behind them, white string lights and adorable vintage suitcases to showcase their wares. Hate how cute they are.

    Cameron Forsley is an old coworker of mine, who is insanely talented and blows me away with his fearless and incredible underground comic style. R. Crumb has told him that his stuff was on point, which must be the most incredible validation in the world. That would be like Becky Cloonan saying that she liked a drawing I did. He gave me Tat Rat issue 5 and Jackoff Clowns.

    Amy Burek of is one of my favorite people. She has come to a few of the drink and draws, and is always a pleasure to have around. Her Zines are always hilarious and interesting. Quit Your Job and Eat Pizza isn’t as hilarious I suppose, but the message is flawless. She is worth checking out, if not just for the awesome print she did of an Animal Cell. (I bought that. It’s awesome.)

    Before I do a simple list of links ya’ll should check out, I want to take a moment to write about some of the best Zines I got. “Shit I drew In 2013” by a young woman who didn’t leave her contact on the zine, “Spilled Ink” by Rosa Adams, and Who’s Your Daddy by Shayna Why. Shit I drew in 2013 has parts inside of it that are hand drawn and hand colored. She had several of them with her, and throughout the book there are random things that are colored in colored pencil. It takes true dedication to take on something like that for a work you’re making multiples of. The lines are sketchy, and the copier used to print it must have been an old office copier.

    The two first zines mentioned seem unfinished and a bit amateur, but that’s what makes them true zines. Shayna’s is small and awesome, but has a dark subject matter that could make some readers uncomfortable. I think that’s very important. Shock is an important way to reach an audience. I entered into the world of comics and zines thinking that everything had to lot neat and clean. These zines are a reminder that the message is more important. They are honest and full of real situations, emotions, and personal thoughts. I really do think that out of everything I saw at Zinefest, these were outstanding examples of what the medium is all about.

    Alright, now that my artsy fartsy pretention is done, here is the list of people whose business cards I pilfered, and maybe a nugget or two of what I remembered about them.

    KJ Martinet-

    Ellis Kim -

    Emma Karin Eriksson –

    Christine Knopp –

    [un]possible cuts –

    Ryan Hungerford –

    Justin DeVine –

    Shirong Gao –

    Only Daughter –

    Emily Rasmussen –

    Alison Dubois –

    Megan Lynn Kott –

    Kristen – (Makes awesome screenprint patches, like Daria’s face in the Venus symbol) – San Francisco collective of lady artists and creators – this lovely person saw my Sailor Moon prints and gave me an adorable Sailor Moon sticker.

    Tori Holder –

    D.B. Elsa – –this one is pretty cool because the author and artist is a chemistry student at UC Berkeley.

    Thanks to everyone who came out and showed their support, especially Elle Skinner, Liz Patrician and Conor Rose! You guys are my darlings. Also to Liz Mayorga, who plays a huge part in Zinefest, and is a great artist in her own right!

    Stay Calm and Print, Fold, Staple on!

  • Fanime 2014~!

    Fanime 2014~!

    Fanime? MORE LIKE FAN-HIME. For those of you who got that, please stop frowning. For those that didn't, Hime is the Japanese word for Princess, and brother, Fan Princess is a good title for me. I am revving up to have some prints available for purchase at Fanime 2014 this year, and since Ruth and I got a table, we are going to sell sell sell! It's tough to be a fanartist because you always feel like you're copying someone else's work. I love shows and comics and movies. I love doing fanart because the amazing works of others inspires me.

    Then there is the need for profit. I like cool things like hot girls, awesome make up, and badass guitars. I never even watched ONE episode of CLAMP's Magic Knight Rayearth. Not one. But I like girls who color coordinate, and I love chick bands. Voila, I have a fanart idea.

    Adding stuff that makes it more like my work is fun. The way I draw their faces, how I tired to modernize their looks slightly with hipster glasses, half shaves and bling ass jewelry from Forever 21.

    Alot of it is about profit, it's true. I want to make money at this convention to fund other artistic endeavors, but I also want to sell something I'm proud of. The colors on this drawing took me 4 hours, and the drawing itself took about 5. (If you knew me, you'd know that NO drawing takes me that long usually, but there was so much research involved in shoes and guitars.)

    My point I suppose is that fanart is just another opportunity to sharpen you're drawing skills. It allows you to explore different types of art for effect, and then in turn inspire you in your own work. Don't ever be afraid to do you, boo boo.

  • APE and Inktober

    APE and Inktober

    Just to let you all know, I'm going to give a detailed review/list of artists like I did for Zinefest. It's just that it turned out to be like...5 pages worth of content, so I'll be saving that massive post for this coming monday on Paperlinks. I am going to share a few things here however. First of all, next year I'm requesting to be close to Elle's table. She is just a dish and a doll. I really enjoyed going around the show with her for the 10 whole minutes we got to hang! I also realized that when Kayla is not around, she is the tall one! That's pretty cool!

    Anyway, the show was a success. Definitely made the table's cost back, but then I promptly spent it on merchandise that was literally all around me. One of the coolest things that I got to do was meet Spike, who coordinates Smut Peddler! I actually heard about this project on tumblr and submitted, but boy, was I totally blown away when I realized that I could buy the first volume of Smut Peddler from Spike herself! I can't believe I didn't gather who she was. If you don't know, get a taste of her awesomeness by reading one of the most amazing 24 hour comics EVER. I wanted to be sure she remembered me, so I not only gave her some free shit, but drew her a beautiful vagina. How could you forget the girl who drew a vagina for you?

    OK, without further ado, here is the list of people that I actually am friends with on facebook/real life.

    Lindsay Watson –This lovely lady shared a table with Amy Burek at Zinefest, and Ruth and I went nuts over her work. She remembered us from that show, and while I was zooming by her table, she called out to me. “Rosemary!?” Yeah, she thought my name was Rosemary. COOLEST thing ever. I’m totally down to go by Rosemary now. It’s my favorite kind of brittle and chicken. Seriously,  Rosemary Almond Brittle. Check it out! Locally made in Santa Monica, and DELICOUS. Some vendors carry it in the city, but you can also order it from them directly. I digress. Anyway, she gave Ruth and I free prints since we gave her some free stuff too!

    Tatyana Vogt -friend from last year, and now facebook friend! Super pretty illustrations that make me smile. I bought some prints her in the past.

    Holly Fedderman -tables with Tatyana, and is also a winner of the chicken dinner variety! Ruth had me follow her to her table and collect the print that she had been wanting. We are also friend material!

    Leslie Wyatt -Forgot her sweet face from last year's APE, but she remembered us! I have her number now and we creepy text.

    Babs Tarr -You probably saw this from my post last week, but Babs Tarr is the cat's pajamas. Not only is she super nice and CRAZY beautiful, she is also one of the best pin-up artists that I've seen in a long time. Her drawings exude power and beauty in a way that is so perfectly put into color and composition. Not to mention her ability to translate her illustrative style into oil paintings. She even did a step by step process tutorial here!

    Sara C. Bell -We have been creeping on each other for a long time, and promising to hang, but fuck, life is busy. She is amazing, and her Urban Fairytales book she bro~ed me is so awesome!! I just realized that her logo and tattoo are the same. THAT IS TRUE COMMITMENT.

    Emily Martin -This artist and I have corresponded back and forth in the past. She's an incredible human being, and teaches teens about comics and art. I definitely recommend checking her and her program out.

    Jackie Williams -Jackie is one of the artists that wanted to be a part of Team 90! I'm super excited to have met her, and see the WONDERFUL work that she's got in her portfolio. I would highly recommend checking out her adorable stylings. She also has her own collaborative project up! Check it out here!

    Elle Skinner –This girl has been the apple of my artist’s eye for a long time. I have always enjoyed her works, especially her Ellezilla zine about her trip to Japan! Her comic Missing Monday is also a fantastic read! She does great comics, and is part of a collective of fairytale artists! That project can be found here!

    Kane Lynch –My talented friend Kane is a master of inks and washes. His newest work, Aerial Structures, is simply the most gorgeous thing he has produced. I am really happy to know his sweet face.

    Kellan Jett -A fabulous artist out of Texas that we met at SF Zinefest. He was so kind and personable, and we were so happy to see that he was still in the area for APE! His work is amazing.

    Rachel Dukes -This lovely lady won my heart with her Frankie the cat comics at SF Zinefest. Since then she has graced me with a Tumblr and facebook friendship. Her work is heartwarming, and delightfully well proportioned. I guess that's what a degree at Comic College affords you. Skill.

    That's all you get for now, but believe me, the post for Paperlinks 10/21/13 is going to be crazy longer!

    And for those of you that don't know, October is Inktober. I've been bad about inking things and documenting them, but I did ink the image at the top of this post. I'll try to do more! Stay tooned! (you like that? I do.)