Rachel Ann Millar is a San Francisco native now residing in the Concord, California with her new husband, two cats, and the best small dog ever. She spends her time working on comics or doodling about video games and her D&D characters. Her favorite genre of entertainment is horror and she fills the silence of drawing with youtube videos of grown men screaming in terror and true crime podcasts. Her bookshelves are an artbook and comic library that she happily shares with anyone who would care. Her collections of zines and art unify around the theme of education, such as Some Girls Are Fat and What Did You Call Me?. Projects that she has curated and participated in are: The Dæmon's Guide to Animal Possession, Necronomicomic and Caroline Ghani's zine about daily life in Paris, Où est le métro?

If you have any questions, ask away.

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